Why We're Here

Fear Enterprises LLC is a growing business starting out in Hershey, Ne as a trucking business. We offer transportation services all over the US from grain to equipment. There are far to many businesses taking advantage of valued customers, and we want to do everything in our power to prevent customers being at a loss.

"After Being in the Houston area after hurricane Harvey I realized the demand for small patch jobs in houses all over. Large businesses only want the big projects during catastrophes so the patch up jobs get pushed off." We are here to help, At Fear Enterprises LLC we are specializing in small house repair projects such as drywall patches, roof patches, chimney sealing, and more.

We offer many services from transportation, and agriculture to home repair.

Based out of Hershey, Ne and Houston, Tx


Grain, Flatbed, Equipment, and livestock

Home Repair

Roof Patches, Drywall patches, chimney sealing and more

Mechanic Services

Diesel Repair, Vehicle maintenance and repair

Quality Compost Fertilizer


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1(308) 530-9109

What our customers are saying

Honesty and Integrity is an understatement with this business

Many local and distant customers

Don't wait till it's too late

Call us for service & immediate attention

(308) 530-9109

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